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Creating the Perfect Charcuterie Board

I feel as if no party is complete without a charcuterie board! I love making charcuterie boards and one of my favorite things about them is the fact that they don’t have to be perfect. Typically, mine are more rustic. I think about texture and flavor whenever I am building my board, choosing meats, and picking accompaniments. Everyone’s palate is unique so I like to have lots of options on the board. Plus, it’s fun to try out different combinations and see what you like the best! My favorite combo – water crackers with prosciutto, black pepper Bellavitano cheese, and fig jam. So simple – but delicious.

My must-haves for the perfect charcuterie board:

  1. Meats… duh. I always grab 2-3 different meats. Prosciutto, salami, capicola, spicy chorizo, etc.
  2. Cheese. I personally only like hard cheeses, but I think it’s important to have variety and balance the plate. Parmesan, black pepper Bellavitano, goat cheese, brie, sharp cheddar, etc. Get creative here. I always pick up a funky unique flavor if I see one. For this board we found a maple bacon cheddar that was a hit!
  3. Crackers/ bread. I love having multiple kinds of crackers and breads to pair your meats and cheeses with. Water crackers are super mild and one of my personal favorites since it allows the other flavors shine. I usually add baguette slices, multigrain crackers, and anything else I have in the pantry too.
  4. Jam. I LOVE fig jam. Like, LOVE it. I think it’s a total must-have. Again, I love giving guests options here and providing multiple jellies. Another great addition to your charcuterie board is honey.
  5. Extras. I love decorating my boards with other edible accompaniments like fruit and nuts. Grapes, berries, olives, almonds, cashews, essentially anything you like!

Pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy! I hope this inspires you to create something fun and delicious. Shop some of my charcuterie must-haves below.

xo, Nicole

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