Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Guides


Sometimes we all lose track of time and maybe end up with less than a week to find something for someone. Not everyone is a plan-ahead gift giver.

For some reason I always feel like Valentine’s Day just creeps up on me. We get through the holiday season and are just starting to get back into the swing of the new year when BAM! It just hits me.

Basically, this is my Valentine’s Day gift guide for the last-minute gift buyers like me this year. ALL of these items are available for purchase through Amazon Prime with free two-day shipping (aka the best thing ever invented).

Let’s start with gifts for the ladies! These are all great for any woman in your life – girlfriend, wife, BFF, mother, sister, grandma, ANYONE.

1. CHLOE: Perfume is always a great gift for any special girl in your life. This is my #1/ ride or die/ cannot live without perfume. I get compliments every single time I wear it.

2. BAN.DO COFFEE MUG: If you’ve learned anything about me at this point, you know I love coffee. This is also a great gift for your galentine, ladies!

3. VOULSPA CANDLE: Voulspa makes some of my favorite candles and I’m obsessed with this one. Not just because the packaging is pretty and girly, but it’s a prosecco rose scent! Wine and flowers? I cannot think of a better combination.

4. S’WELL BOTTLE: If your gal is a water bottle collector or loves to hit the gym in style, this is a great gift. S’well bottles are super trendy and this color is so fun!

5. KENDRA SCOTT EARRINGS: You can never go wrong with jewelry and these Kendra Scott earrings are no exception. STUNNING.

6. POLARIOD CAMERA: For anyone who loves to take pictures – this Polaroid camera is fantastic. I have one myself and love breaking it out at parties for fun pics with my favorite people! Don’t forget to order some film with it!

7. ALL IN GOOD TASTE: I think this is the perfect gift for someone who seems to have everything. This coffee table book is the cutest. Plus, it’s Kate Spade. Need I say more?

8. VICTORIA’S SECRET ROBE: Cozy robes are everything. It’s currently still freezing in Nashville and anything I can do to warm up helps.

9. BEATS HEADPHONES: I love headphones. I’m super into podcasts right now and I like to just tune everything out whenever I’m listening. Beats are known for being the best for a reason. These are a little bit of a splurge, but look at this color!

10. LE CREUSET: Another splurge, but if your valentine likes to be in the kitchen this is the perfect gift. This Le Creuset piece is so festive for Valentine’s Day, but obviously usable year-round!

Next up: the men! Honestly, I’ve already bought most of the things on the list below for Jeremy in the past. I had him help me out with this one and give me some insight into what some of his favorite gifts I’ve ever gotten him are.

1. FOSSIL WATCH: Men love watches like women love jewelry. I love this leather style from Fossil. It’s stylish, but it’s also not crazy expensive.

2. OONTZ BLUETOOTH SPEAKER: Jeremy loves this speaker so much that we have two of them! We use it out on our porch whenever the weather is nice, take it out on the boat with us (it’s waterproof), and even bring it along whenever we travel since it’s compact. AND it’s only $25!

3. COPPER COCKTAIL SHAKER KIT: Okay, so maybe this gift is a little selfish since he’ll be testing new drink recipes and you’ll have to drink them. But in all seriousness, this is a great bar set and everyone needs one.

4. OTTERBOX PHONE CASE: Coming from someone who has shattered their phone more times than they can count, a reliable phone case is a great gift.

5. JOHN VARVATOS COLOGNE: John Varvatos colognes are some of my favorites. My mom has been buying this for my dad for years and I’ve always loved the scent.

6. GROOMING KIT: Grooming kits are a must if your man has any facial hair. Most of the time, Jeremy has just a little scruff. Sometimes he actually grows a full beard! Either way, it’s gotta be kept under control.

7. YETI COLSTERAll men love Yeti products. They can’t help it. It’s just a man thing. I bought Jeremy one of these beer can holders a couple of years ago and he uses it all the time.

8. FOSSIL LEATHER WALLET: I think a good wallet is always a solid gift. I love the look of leather (if you can’t tell already). There’s just something so manly looking about certain leathers.

9. USSIES PHOTO BOOK: This is one of my favorite gifts ever. The only issue I had was getting square pictures printed for the book, but it’s totally worth it whenever you find somewhere that can! I know Walgreens and CVS both do same-day photo orders and offer square prints.

10. LEATHER LAPTOP BAG: A laptop bag. If your man has a laptop, he needs a bag to put it in. It’s great for travel and even just going to and from the office in style.

Stop reading this and end the procrastination game. Go place your orders right now! Follow this guide and I promise, your loved ones are going to love whatever you get them. Happy Valentine’s Day!

xoxo Nicole

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